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Zaka Haque

Urgent Help Needed

Started by Zaka Haque Feb 20.

Andrew Murray

Can I use a Window laptop? 6 Replies

Started by Andrew Murray. Last reply by Adi Berlia Feb 12.

Marque Cornblatt

Why isn't Telepresence more popular? 10 Replies

Started by Marque Cornblatt. Last reply by Naohiro IIDA Jan 12.

Benjamin H

Cheaper alternative to screen! 7 Replies

buy views youtube
Started by Benjamin H. Last reply by Benjamin H Dec. 28, 2009.


Marque - need some help; skype is linked, but commands aren't sent 6 Replies

Started by Brian. Last reply by Johnny Celenz Nov. 25, 2009.


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Welcome to Sparky Jr.

This site is dedicated to DIY, open source mobile telepresence.
Click the tabs above to get free software and instructions, plus how-to videos, hardware links and more connecting you the growing community of mobile telepresence and videochat ROV builders.

Feel free to post your own projects and get feedback from other members.

Blog Posts

Marque Cornblatt

Sparky Jr. interview with Robot Vacuum Cleaner Blog

Sparky Jr. was recently covered by a blog dedicated to robot vacuums. Thanks to Dave at Robot Vacuum Cleaner for the recent interview. See the entire article here

Posted by Marque Cornblatt on January 26, 2010 at 3:01pm



can someone write software for pc for this?

Posted by joey on January 16, 2010 at 11:21am

Naohiro IIDA


I am Naohiro IIDA in japan.

I like robots very much.
Up to now, I have produced more robots.

things to do nyc
It is thought that the telepresence is a killer application, and it is what I need it.

I was impressed to see Sparky Jr.
And, I also assume the way including production.


Posted by Naohiro IIDA on January 12, 2010 at 12:09am — 2 Comments

Marque Cornblatt

Great RC Car Telepresence Project

From MAKE Online

Check out this great little telepresence project by Maker Charles Palen. It uses a combination of technologies, including a Red5 Flash server for video streaming, WiFI, a netbook, RC car and homebrew RC interceptor device.

Yet another exciting variation of the telepresence concept, and cheap too. Way to go Charles!

Here's the video:

Posted by Marque Cornblatt on December 9, 2009 at 4:30pm

Marque Cornblatt

Charlie the Robot Starts Work at Rest Home

[from CNET]

san diego jumper rentals
Charlie takes his first tentative step (?) towards a world of telepresence robot helpers. In an Aukland, NZ rest home, the residents are responding well to assisted care performed by Charlie, a "health-bot" that is part of a university study to determine how people will react… Continue

Posted by Marque Cornblatt on November 25, 2009 at 1:05pm

Marque Cornblatt

Sparky Xing

Posted by Marque Cornblatt on October 6, 2009 at 4:46pm

Marque Cornblatt

Intel Robot Plugs Itself In - Now, Who Wants to Code This Up for Sparky?

From Intel Labs, via Gizmodo

"Not to get all paranoid, but robots can now find outlets and plug themselves in. And this isn't some Roomba gimmick either..."

Hey! What's wrong with Roomba gimmicks...?

Here's the whole story


Posted by Marque Cornblatt on September 29, 2009 at 3:26pm

Marque Cornblatt

The Reality of Robot Surrogates - Bruce Willis on Mobile Telepresence

An interesting take on the state-of-the-art... With Die Hard!!


How far are we from sending robots into the world in our stead?

Anne Marie Corrley writes:
"Imagine a world where you're stronger, younger, better looking, and don't age. Well, you do, but your robo


Posted by Marque Cornblatt on September 24, 2009 at 1:30pm

Marque Cornblatt

Boing Boing covers Studio 360 covering the Sparky Project

Lisa Katayama, writer, journalist and blogger wrote on Boing Boing:

"My segment on Sparky — a robot made by San Francisco artist Marque Cornblatt using a Mac Mini, Skype, and a hodge podge of gadget parts — aired this weekend on PRI's Studio360, the art… Continue

Posted by Marque Cornblatt on September 20, 2009 at 8:00pm — 2 Comments

Marque Cornblatt

Telepresence Dog Sitter or WiFi Enabled Chew Toy? You Decide.

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The Pet Care Robot (concept) is a Wi-Fi controlled bot that can serve as your remote eyes and ears from a web interface. But what's a bit different than a Rovio is that this robot allows you to play fetch through a remote controlled ball you can steer around the house—all while nurturing your animal throu… Continue

Posted by Marque Cornblatt on September 14, 2009 at 2:17pm — 2 Comments




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Zaka Haque added a discussion
Sir i want to build this Telepresence robot for my Final Year Project...I can't afford Mac so i am in need of some code for windows platform... plzzz plzzz plzzz help me out i will be very thankful to
on Saturday
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on Saturday
Please do update any progress. Thank you!
February 12
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February 12
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February 5
Marque Cornblatt added a blog post
Sparky Jr. was recently covered by a blog dedicated to robot vacuums. Thanks to Dave at Robot Vacuum Cleaner for the recent interview. See the entire article here
January 26
Eric Johnson is now a member of Sparky Jr.
January 24
I just downloaded Visual Programming Language R2 Express. It is the Microsoft Robotics Program. You can download it free from Thanks all of…
January 23
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January 23
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January 21
January 17
I am writing the program that looks like Sparky_Jr by using VisalBasic6.0 now. It is scheduled to test this week. maybe it will work. However, I think that I cannot distribute ActiveS.dll because it is unpublished now. I think that I rewrite it n…
January 17
joey added a blog post
can someone write software for pc for this?
January 16
joey, deeharvey and Nathanael Miller joined Sparky Jr.
January 16
deeharvey updated their profile photo
January 16
I had wrote Skype-based Apprication for robot. i want try to port sparky program to win. thanks,
January 13

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